Kathy Harkisheimer

As the Director of Ministries at Sicklerville United Methodist Church, Kathy is responsible for helping people discover their spiritual gifts and passions, providing them with meaningful growth opportunities by deploying them into the right ministry for the right reason. Kathy also supports the Ministry Team Leaders with ongoing training and development for effective leadership. She helps the laity to do ministry!

Kathy first came to Sicklerville United Methodist Church in 1997. She began serving as Co-Director of Fellowship Ministries and plugged into other areas of ministry and small groups. In 2000, Kathy began working in the church office and was soon promoted to Office Administrator. As Kathy’s love for the Lord grew, so did her desire to work, hands on, with His people.

In the later part of 2003, she felt the Lord calling her to fill the Director of Ministry position. It soon became evident that God had shaped Kathy for this role. With over 15 years’ experience in Human Resources and Office Administration combined with her Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experience, she accepted the position as Director of Ministries. Kathy is excited to be able to work where her heart and service led her.

Kathy lives in Sicklerville with her husband Bill. They enjoy family time with their son Bill, Mike (his wife Amanda), and their daughter Lisa.

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